Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4I'm June Graber - jewelry designer, artist, and creator of the Bdazzle Scarf Curl. There are two fashion essentials I have found today's woman absolutely has to have: A one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that can be interchanged on a variety of host pieces, such as a great looking necklace collar. . . a look that I often wear to showcase my pendant designs and just looks so fabulous dressed up or with a great looking t-shirt and jeans. And a better, more fashionable way to wear our extensive scarf wardrobe. Because we all know. . . scarves are a “must have” fashion essential for today’s woman. While working in my studio, designing and creating my unique mixed-media jewelry pendants, I started to think of a new jewelry piece that could serve a dual purpose: A jewelry piece designed to work with scarves that was beautiful in its simplicity, easy to wear, and solved the challenge of those bulky knotted scarf looks or a bunched-up scarf with pin holes that result from using a brooch to secure your scarf. And a piece that could accommodate a nice piece of pendant jewelry so that you could not only wear your scarf, but "bling it up." After sketching out my ideas, my husband, Ray, went into his workshop, perfecting our design concepts, and the Bdazzle Scarf Curl was born. The Bdazzle Scarf Curl is an amazing success with women of all ages! What is so wonderful about the Bdazzle Scarf Curl is that it is very timeless in its styling, yet can be “blinged up” with a pendant to add a totally new dimension to your scarf wardrobe. And the possibilities are endless. . . however you imagine wearing a scarf, a sarong, a shawl, or a headscarf, the scarf curl provides just the right touch to secure and beautify your look. The Bdazzle Scarf Curl is sold through our online shop,, and through various shows, which you can find posted on our Facebook page. We invite you to visit our web site and purchase your Bdazzle Scarf Curl! It is THE new way to wear scarves and we are certain you will absolutely love it! For press inquiries, please contact June Graber via our website, Facebook, email or phone numbers below. 717.682.9054  | 602.909.6237 |  | | Bdazzle jewelry The new way to wear scarves