b'HOW TO PURCHASE YOUR RAFFLE TICKET BUNDLE(S) & PLACE THEM IN BASKET BOXES FOR A CHANCE TO WINBecause we cannot gather this year, we have created a unique way to offer our Basket Raffle.We are creating ticket bundles so that we can offer people wonderful value while meeting our fundraising goal (every great fundraiser has a goal, right?!!)Our goal this year is to raise $4,500 (but we dont have to stop there!) as follows: The Shepherd: $75/55 tickets The Joyful Noise: $55/40 tickets The Blessing: $25/15 tickets We have 25 AMAZING baskets to raffle off this year!We offer our sincere gratitude to everyone who so faithfully volunteered to create these wonderful baskets, as we believe the diversity of this years selection has something for everyone. In the following pages you will be able to see each basket, along with an inventory of what each basket is comprised of, with one of our delightful fundraising mascots asking you How many tickets would you like for this basket for a chance to win? and a place for you to note how many tickets you would like to dedicate to that basket.Below, we outline how you can participate in this VIRTUAL raffle, this year. STEP ONE Review our basket raffle catalog for 2020. The tickets go on sale Monday, September 28thMonday, October 19th.The drawing for the baskets will be recorded on Tuesday, October 20th. STEP TWO Choose the ticket bundle that works for you.You can choose as many bundles as you would like to support us meeting our fundraising goal & contact the parish office, via email or phone, between 11 AM4 PM and reserve your ticket bundle. 4'