15 WHAT DO HEADACHES & HEART DISEASE HAVE IN COMMON WITH YOUR SMILE? ... more than you think! Numerous studies suggest strong connections between gum disease and other ailments like heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and more. Bleeding gums are one of the signs of inflammation that may put you at risk! Our simple screening can identify your risk & what can be done to minimize the threat. Lasting health begins with a healthy smile! Many long time headache sufferers have found relief with our “Perfect Bite” therapy. The relationship of your jaw and the muscles of the head and neck can be a major contributing factor with recurring head- aches. A simple digital analysis of your biting forces may uncover a com- mon and treatable cause for your suffering. Now you can experience the blissful relief that you’ve been longing for - without medication! CALLTODAY: 203 531 5595 * *FREE Head and Neck Massage with your first visit! 478 Erskine Road, Stamford, CT 06903 | www.longridgeschool.org Beginners | Nursery | K - Grade 5 Schedule a tour through our admissions office today! t. 203.322.7693 e. mail@longridgeschool.org www.IntegrityDentalGreenwich.com creating lasting relationships with beautiful smiles - -