6 HOME TRENDS BeautifulBathrooms•WarmColorSchemes•OutdoorSpaces•FrontPorches Open Floor Plans • Energy Efficient Design Elements • Quality Details Int egr at ed Technology Sy st ems • Higher-end Appliances Blending of Interior and Exterior Plantings • “Green” Home Products Relaxing Environments • Planning a Home for Retirement Needs Tactile Elements to Soften Technology • Water Elements in Landscape Design THE Art OF BUYING & SELLING A Home Things to remember when buying a home: 1. Stop by at different times of the day 2. Talk to neighbors 3. Look through recent newspaper archives for current information 4. Ask if there is a neighborhood association 5. Get a home inspection detailing home repairs 6. Ask about property taxes 7. Find out if there are any zoning restrictions 8. Explore the surrounding area 9. Ask yourself if you can live with and without amenities that the property offers 10. Keep orderly records of all communications 11. Understand the process to avoid any misunderstandings Things to remember when selling a home: 1. Use a reputable realtor 2. Make certain your property is marketed properly 3. Prepare your home to be seen by hiring a staging expert 4. Get rid of clutter 5. Remove any deterrents that would negatively impact a sale, such as pet smells and smoking 6. Get a home inspection 7. Make home improvements 8. Become educated in negotiating with buyers 9. Familiarize yourself with real estate terminology 10. Make sure your home is priced to sell 11. Understand your responsibilities as a seller to avoid any misunderstandings